love list friday: 07.22.11

It's been over three months since the last love list, which is just wrong considering how excessively awesome this spring/summer has been. But never mind that -- summer is still young and there are heaps more fun and exciting plans coming up and I will try am going to be diligent about documenting the goodness. Especially on camera. Which brings me to the first item of love on this week's list:
  • Susannah's August Break is starting up again! I participated last year and loved it. So expect less words but more photos from me next month.
  • being reunited with my darling Kitty and playing epic rounds of KILL THE STRING. If there is one (or rather, two) things I miss about living in the states, it is my cats (Kitty, who lives w/the parentals, and Claire, who lives with my brother). Small Paris-sized apt. + boyfriend allergic to cats = no kitty cuddles pour moi.
  • oh, the third thing I missed while in Paris -- having access to an excellent library. During my month in Florida, I've read about fifteen or so books, and it's been absolutely decadent and soul-satisfying. My favorites so far have been HOME TO WOEFIELD, Carrie Ryan's YA zombie trilogy, and the one I'm currently immersed in: the claustrophobia-inducing but awesome ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.
  • shallow but true: SHOPPING! I came here with one half-empty suitcase and I'll be returning with two full-to-the-brim ones. Anthropologie home goods, J.Crew basics, jeans that aren't a mile too long, ballet flats that actually fit my minuscule feet...
  • last but best: the happy shiny new visa sticker in my passport that means the French consulate is going to let me go stay in Paris for a year! You don't even want to know how much paperwork and online forms were involved. But so worth it.
Happy weekend everyone! 


Mari Huertas said...

Pure loveliness. And happy shopping!

Lilie said...

Thanks lovely! Just bought yet another pair of shoes today...

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