l'atelier lundi: 7.28.11

yellow aquamarine & turquoise

After a dry spell of several months, I rediscovered my love for jewelry-making just two nights ago when an idea struck as I was rummaging through my trove of beads and gemstones.
Something about simple lines.
And pops of color.
prehnite & neon pink Japanese seed beads
Luxe gems strung all together and used up in one go instead of economically spread out among several different pieces.
red, orange, and yellow sapphire on silver chain

These flights of inspiration have become fewer and farther between, and since this just might be my last collection, I feel like celebrating the beauty of the stones, letting them speak for themselves.


Stephanie said...

I really love these! Unique and beautiful

elissa :: ebb & flow said...

beautiful. don't you love when inspiration just slaps you in the face?

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