giveaway winner! + friday love list: 09.30.11

1. Biscotti, 2. Owl, 3. eiffel 1, 4. -
Making me twirl in giddy circles this week:
  • receiving REAL mail -- the kind that's handwritten on paper with ink and is delivered to your physical mailbox
  • French class -- now in our 3rd week together, am getting to know my multi-cultural classmates better. It's seriously neat -- other than at an airport, how often do you get to hang out w/people from China, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Italy, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia (the country, not the state), and Venezuela? it's like the UN, except instead of discussing the debt crisis, we talk about Louis XIV's bowel movements (yes, really).
  • the return of summer at the end of September -- actually summer barely ever came to Paris this year, so it's more like: better late than never. golden light + balmy breezes = happy lilie.
  • celebrating Benjamin's birthday tomorrow! also, how cool is this ring i got him? and fyi Kinekt has the best customer service EVER. so nice.
  • putting together a big bouquet of autumnal flowers in vivid oranges + yellows. flowers make everything better.
  • lastly, everyone's comments on the giveaway post -- you guys are really, really, REALLY awesome. really. thank you.
And now, without further ado, the winner of the 10th Anniversary giveaway is...

the lovely Wende of Mireo Designs! Congratulations!

Thank you to all who entered, and bon weekend tout le monde!


Georgianna said...

Hi! Congrats to the winner! I'm consoled that I was close. :)

So lovely to have sunshine going into autumn. We're having gorgeous weather, too, and enjoying every second.

And, wow, that ring is fabulous. Happy Birthday to him!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


I always love your mosaics, btw.

ClaireLA said...

Congrats to Wende! A great contest. :)

Sexy Kay said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed reading all of the reviews.

Amanda said...

Wow Lilie, it feels today like you're my twin or something. I love sending and receiving real mail... If you send me your email (with your address) I will be happy to put something for you together. My best friend is in Bolivia, and sending stuff to each other is something we still do often.
This week I started dutch class, and we have Russia, Iran, Poland, the US, China and Singapore representations (oh and Mexico if you count me). It is fun to meet international people in similar situations huh?
And of course, luckily, the summer-in-September also arrived here. I even wrote about it, last Sunday. It really is summer summer, full warm summer. Not the crappy summer oh but at least the i can see the sun through the rain summer that we usually get in Holland. I am going to wear a dress today (I am in the kitchen getting full of powder sugar, so now, it's shorts).
And we are celebrating a birthday as well :) (mom in law). Also, the flowers in our windows are yellow and orange. I will post a picture soon, you'll see I'm not making this up now. Congratulations to Wendy, I so wanted to win this giveaway.... but reading all those recommendations was the most fun :)
Thanks to you Lilie ! For being such a happy inspiration.

Inês Seabra said...

wow... how close was I?! :) It was really fun to enter this and read what everybody had to say about books (oh books...)

Maybe we should start a mail club! :) can you picture this? people from different countries exchanging postcards and stuff from where they're from... getting to know each other...

Lilie said...

@Inês -- a mail club! fun idea -- am definitely up for that :D

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