love list friday: 10.07.11

This week, I'm all a-flutter for:
  • The Great British Bake Off -- my new favorite program. Yes, it's another competitive cooking show, but you guys it's all tiered cakes and pastel macarons and cookies and juicy tarts! And SUCH a refreshing lack of staged drama between contestants or any catty comments from the judges. Love it.
  • speaking of baking, how yummy do Sara's apple cider cookies look? I just might attempt these this weekend.
  • Aesop shampoo -- my hair feels like it is being washed with fresh morning dew from a field of wildflowers surrounded by snowy mountains and home to frolicking unicorns, i.e., really, really clean.
  • subway walls lined with ads for Un Monstre à Paris -- looks utterly dreamy and stars (the voice of) Gad Elmaleh, who I adore.
  • making a new friend! who has the same name as me! (my Japanese name, which is not super common; actually she's the first person I've ever met who has it.) 
  • the fact that Ben will be coming home soon! Am hoping there's a matryoshka in his luggage for me, since he's been gallivanting off in Russia all week (not really, actually he's been working quite hard).
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! The weather here has turned chilly and leaves are falling, so I'll be indulging in my favorite autumn activities: baking, books, and hot baths...


Corey Wright said...

i am so making those apple cider cookies this weekend. i've been craving something fall and since texas refuses to cool off, i'll have to improvise.

oh my goodness. i can't wait!

Lilie said...

oh goody! let me know how yours turn out -- i'm heading off to the market now to see if apple cider even exists over here. as a former floridian, i feel you on the unrelenting summer heat -- hope it cools down soon!

Corey Wright said...

i made them & they are delicious (and! it's raining outside! and cold!) but now i have a GIANT gallon of apple cider.

i'm thinking muffins. maybe more cookies.

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