friday love list: 10.21.11

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After a somewhat rough week in which I went to bed each night in tears (a combination of personal trials and an especially heart-rending week for news), am definitely in need of things to appreciate. I've mustered up a small list, but if you have any goodness to share -- little things that brought happiness or hopefulness to your week, please, please tell me.

This week I've been thanking my stars for:
  • the not one but two gorgeous English bookshops I recently discovered on rue de Rivoli. I was beside myself with joy to find a copy of Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone at Galignani, and then delighted when I could request Stephanie Perkins' Lola and the Boy Next Door at WHSmith and have it arrive in record time.
  • Benjamin's sudden whim to start making my coffee for me in the morning, despite my notoriously exacting standards as to what makes a perfect cup. What is it about food that others prepare for you? It just tastes better somehow.
  • Larry Brooks' writing tips for NanNoWriMo. Prodded by Ben, I've foolishly signed up for November's National Novel Writing Month (see link in sidebar) and if trying to write a 50,000 word novel in one month is like trying to climb Mt. Everest, Larry is like the sherpa who can show you a navigable route up the mountain. (Whether you make it to the top though, is purely up to your own stamina/commitment/stubbornness.)
  • the fact that the weekend is here, and i get to spend it with my favorite person in my favorite city. Will we go for a drive and see a castle? attend a chocolate exposition? wander a museum? stay home with movies and hot cocoa? so many options, all appealing.
Hope your week was more joyful than not; here's to next week and expectations it'll be a bit better than this one!


Corey Wright said...

i love your love lists, the pictures are always so pretty!

i'm so sorry to hear you had such a rough week, and i truly truly hope things get better for you (and soon!)

little things that brought happiness to my week? i got to sleep in every day (just a little bit, but enough), received an e-mail from you!, and the weather has *finally* cooled down here. i even wore tights and boots today. and here i thought fall would just skip us altogether.

i hope you & ben have a lovely weekend! and i'll write back soon.

(AND HECK YES TO NANO! i'm so excited for you!)

Amanda said...

Here is hoping that you had a real nice weekend and that next week will bring better news. On this weeks happy list: we went to Brussels for the day yesterday, so I was hoping for that. Love small city trips. Also got some new books delivered by post, always so exciting. And colorful dahlias, I love those flowers.

Lilie said...

@Corey -- thanks so much! the weekend was indeed lovely -- made a major breakthrough in the outline for my story and am feeling heaps better. i'm on NaNo as Lilie Green if you want to be writing buddies :)
Yay for fall weather! Have been pretty much living in my favorite boots since it arrived.

@Amanda -- That's funny; one of my friends just went to Brussels for the weekend too! I guess it's the place to be :) And there's nothing happier than getting a package of books, for sure. Thanks for the well wishes, I have a feeling this new week is going to be much better :)

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