love list friday: 10.28.11

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Glittering nuggets of goodness from this week:
  • discovering that the Louvre has a WHOLE SHOP just for semi-precious stones. Massive chunks of jagged amethyst, golden pyrite, crystal icicles, and every stone in every color you could dream of. 
  • hitting up the craft store for some glittery supplies -- Benjamin & I have some ambitious plans for our xmas cards this year(!)
  • an email from a faraway friend that picked me up just when i needed it -- kind people are the best, no?
  • making genuine headway in my story plotting -- no actual writing is allowed before NaNo commences on the 1st, but outlining is definitely okay, so I've been sitting with my characters and trying to find out who they are and where they're going.
  • weekend plans involving driving out to the countryside and riding horses!!!
Bon weekend à tous! xoxo


Amanda said...

Colored stones, so pretty. I might go crazy in that shop, you lucky girl to have it in your city and be a jeweller :p

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