love list friday: 10.14.11

Filling me up with happiness this week:
  • the arrival of autumn in Paris -- crisp blue skies, honey-gold light, rust-colored leaves underfoot, an excuse to borrow the boyfriend's thick scarf to ward off the brisk wind, ducking into a cafe for a warming cup of chocolat much to love about this season.
  • leek and ginger fried rice -- have made it at least three times in the last couple weeks and it's quickly becoming my go-to dish when i want something yummy, filling, easy, and have barely anything left in the fridge.
  • petits pots de creme au caramel -- spoonfuls of the most intense deliciousness. i get mine from the store, but you could try making it at home with this recipe.
  • an unexpected but very welcome urge to return to drawing. i honestly haven't hand-drawn anything in nearly a decade, but this past weekend when i was feeling stressed and under pressure, i asked myself what would make me happy, and the answer was to sit down and draw. i ended up spending the entire day lost in sketching and inking in intricate, delicate patterns, and haven't stopped since (with breaks only to go to school and shower and such).
  • anticipation for the Photo Meditations e-course. lately my poor Canon has been gathering dust on the shelf, and i think Susannah's class will be the perfect motivator to get clicking again.
What's been making you smile this week?


Amanda said...

Hello Lilie ! I have to say I love your lists, was meaning to comment in last weeks one, and time just flied.
As you know chocolat chaud has been in my happy list this week.As well as the blue sky that we've had since yesterday and luckily is to stay for the whole weekend. One of my favorite recipes is spagghetti with leek, maybe I will post it soon, it is very simple, filling and delicious like you say. We came up with it one day when leek, soy, and ketchup and some old tomatoes were the few things left in our fridge. I have also been reading "The Help " and it has me smiling and nodding constantly. Oh and being able to bike around in the sun, eventhough the scarf and turtlenecks are now mandatory (for me -fille frileuse- that I am). Have a nice weekend !

Lilie said...

Hey Amanda!
That spaghetti recipe sounds yum! Would love to try making it sometime, hope you post it soon.
I read The Help last month and really enjoyed it too.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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