City of (Christmas) Lights

A sparkly little photo post for Inês, who commented that holiday lights are few in her part of Portugal this year due to the economy. (Is this happening elsewhere too? It's hard to get a proper perspective when living in the tourist capital of the world.)
Most of these were shot on the fly from the passenger window of our car -- it takes a stronger woman than I to brave the crowds around the major department stores this time of year. Benjamin can attest that I was verging on a panic attack the one night we squeezed our way into Galerie Lafayette to see the giant Christmas tree; I barely lasted five minutes before the relentless press of bodies had me gasping for air and dragging him towards the exit.

Left Bank
Place Vendôme
Galerie Lafayette
Karl Lagerfeld's display for Printemps

Hope you're all having a merry & bright season wherever you are. I love a bit of sparkle and glitter as much as (actually more than) the next girl, but without question the best part of the holiday is simply getting to spend it with my favorite person. Cliché but true.



Inês Seabra said...

Oh, thank you so much!! :)
So much beauty!! As I opened your blog to catch up, my eyes went strait to the pictures and I was smiling one after another. Only then I scrolled back up to read, and... oh...! You're sweet! :)
Hey, everything about Christmas are clichés, but all are true!

Lilie said...

You're very welcome Inês!
Happy I could send some glittery goodness your way :)

Amanda said...

This is so beautiful and magic, there is something about light. Candle light, and street lights and all kinds of light.
And you are right about the best part of the holidays being to spend time with the ones you love, cliched, but true, so so true.
Sending lots of happiness your way.

ClaireLA said...

How beautiful! Wonderful photos, as always!

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