It is now midnight in Paris, the bell at the top of the Eiffel tower* has just rang for the last day of NaNoWriMo. Lilie has finally completed the 30 day long trial; what did I learn from this experience: writing is hard, really, really hard on the writer's companion.
First, everyday I have to pick up the writer from the bed and get her on her way to her MacBook.
Second, now I have to do all the chores and spoonfeed the writer cakes and mandarines.
Third, I have suddenly become celibate as writing is all-consuming and anything else is too distracting.

But all in all, all of this is pretty insignificant, my Lilie has finally proven that I was right all along (a feeling that I cherish the most) and successfully completed a first draft novel of 50,000 words in just 30 days! Even if I dread the thousand phases of editing and the gazillion plot adjustments ahead, I am proud of her and look forward to the final bound book.

You have to believe it to make it real.

Believe me!

-- Benjamin

PS: I am giving Lilie back her access to the blog, maybe I will see you again sometime.

*editor's note: Ben is messing with you; there is no bell.


Amanda said...

Hey congratulations. Writing so much is a big thing ! Now relax, and go have some fun and hot chocolate and walks and parks, and hey it is December !

InĂªs Seabra said...

Oh my! I am so so happy!! Lilie is a brave and talented girl!

Thank you Benjamin for being here. It was nice to know a bit from you, and smile with your descriptions of your life together... and the love you have for each other. Hope to be seeing here every now and then.

Oh, I like to believe there is a bell! It adds so much more drama to the story! :)

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