Two Thousand and Heaven

2011: The year began in sunny southern California, and is now ending under the azure skies of Nice, France.
In between there was visiting, and then moving to Paris; trips to Ireland, Thailand, Switzerland, Florida, Germany, and as of this week, I can add Monaco to the list.
I moved in with my sweetheart, wrote my first ever full draft of a novel, and started learning French. A year of beginnings and adventure and love.
Can't wait to see what 2012 will bring...

Hope your New Year's is magical and full of promise!



Corey Wright said...

As always, your pictures are lovely! I'd point out my favorite, but, that's tricky (though I do so love the one with the horse!) Is the red sculpture in Paris? That picture is gorgeous. *makes note for future holidays*

I'm so glad your 2011 was ever so wonderful! Here's to your 2012 being pure magic!

Georgianna said...

This post fills me with delight, as have all your adventures this year! Look forward to what 2012 has in store and hope it's even better. Happy New Year! xo

Amanda said...

All the best to you. Sounds like a year full of love, joy and travel. Hope 2012 brings more of that to you guys. Also, I love your pictures, always so dreamy. Have fun tonight!

Lilie said...

Corey: Merci! The red (hot pink) structure was a temporary art installation at the Grand Palais; a giant balloon-thing that was like being inside the belly of a whale. Thanks for a being a big part of what made my year awesome!

Georgianna: Happy New Year! Am looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos from you in 2012!

Amanda: Thanks dear! Hope your 2012 is full of great things too. And thank you for all your sweet comments (and presents!) this year :)

Jenny said...

Just beautiful! All of it! You are so blessed, and I feel so blessed when you share it with us! :) Happy 2012 to you, dear Lillie!

Inês Seabra said...

wow... so much color and beauty!

A year of beginnings... I love that! All the happiness to you two, and may this year brings you more and more joyeux moments.

Inês Seabra said...

oh, and the new layout is lovely! :)

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