January Photo-a-Day Part 1

Somehow we are already two weeks into the new year and I'm just now composing my first post of 2012.  I've been a busy bee trying to organize myself -- every year I try to use January as a launching pad to embark on new projects with a fresh perspective, so this means making lists and journaling and hashing out my goals for the months ahead.
One of the things I've done for the past three years is choose one word to describe what I want out of the year; something that will inform my choices and keep me focused. Last year's word was LOVE, and if I say so myself, that turned out rather well for me! I'm keeping it close to my heart for now, but I'll be sure to let you know next January how well this year's word worked out.
What I can tell you is I'll be undertaking two large projects, one of which is revising the heck out of my gangly first-draft novel. The second is something I shall be revealing shortly -- hopefully next week? I'm pretty excited about it, and super eager to share it with you.

But for this week I have a little something else I've been playing around with to show you: my first half of the instagram-based Photo-a-Day challenge. Since Santa (a.k.a. Benjamin) brought me an iphone for xmas, I've been snapping photos with it like it's going out of fashion. I think the very first app I downloaded was for instagram, and I've been hooked ever since. 
I've been doing the daily prompts out of order and have skipped a few, but here is what I have so far:

a. Breakfast: fluffy yogurt + banana + maple syrup + cayenne
b. Something You Wore: my aqua polka-dot apron + sequined Moroccan slippers
c. Daily Routine: cooking dinner for two

d. Makes You Smile: neon pink
e. Something You're Reading: Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange
f. Close-up: my loyal coffee mug

g. Something You Adore: travel! (and travel photos) This is from our afternoon in Monte Carlo.
h. Favorite: the ocean (technically the Mediterranean is a sea, but close enough)
i. In Your Bag: Japanese coin purse, Ultra-man keychain (keeping my keys together since 1997!), Korres lip butter, fluorescent pink pen, handmade notebook, and iphone

Are any of you on instagram? And what are your goals for this new and shiny year, if any?

More soon!


Amanda said...

Heey new design :)
And yeah... 2 weeks, half a month, went already (and we still did not start with any of our resoulutions, bad bad bad) . So hard to break old habits.
Travel and the Ocean are on my top favorite list.
That book looks like fun.
I am curious about your new project ! Hope you have a great weekend !

Corey Wright said...

I meant to get back here last week to tell you how much I love this January photo idea! I wish my phone had a fun app, alas, it doesn't. Such is my life. But maybe I'll dust off my *actual* camera one of these days and take a picture of something.

Or not.

Or *maybe* that can be my resolution. Along with querying. Yes. I'd very much like to query this year, even if everything I get back is a rejection.

Also, what is this fluffy yogurt & how do I get my hands on some?

AND, love the new look. Very pretty!

sara.ann said...

I love the idea of a "creative assignment" but I downloaded instagram a few months ago and never got around to using it...this has inspired me to take another look - thanks!

Lilie said...

@Amanda -- trust me, I haven't had much luck breaking bad habits either. But I try not to beat myself up about it and see each new day as a chance to try again.

@Corey -- LOVE your resolution! From what I've seen, I think you're definitely ready for querying. And rejections are just another rite of passage in the journey of a writer :) (Throw those words back at me when it's my turn to start querying)
The fluffy yogurt is actually fromage blanc that's been whipped to a mousse-like consistency. It's literally my FAVORITE discovery in France.

@sara.ann -- instagram is the best! hope to see you on there soon :)

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