January Photo-a-Day Part 2

We've come to the end of January and it's time to share the second half of the instagram photo challenge. It's official -- I am an instagram addict and I need an intervention.
Speaking of addictions, one of the photo prompts was "guilty pleasure" and I have to confess mine is probably dairy. I don't drink milk, but every other dairy product is my weakness. I am convinced all those "healthy living" advisors who encourage people to give up dairy just don't have access to the good stuff like we do in France. Cheese is an artform here. And if eating heaping spoonfuls of unpasteurized double cream with strawberries is wreaking havoc on my health, I'm too enraptured to notice.
Do you have any addictions or guilty pleasures?

a. Light: repurposed xmas lights
b. Lunch: post-Sunday-market haul of breads, cheeses, eggs, + bacon

c. Where You Sleep: new cloud-like white sheets from BHV
d. Morning: the view from the bedroom

e. Something You Bought: books!
f. Sweet: tarte au pomme + cinnamon ice cream

g. Something You Made: my Paris photograph, looking all fancy in it's new matte + frame
h. Guilty Pleasure: all things dairy, including cheese, fromage blanc, creme fraiche, + petit suisse


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