Friday night in the office. It's officially past time to leave, but most everyone
is still here, tip-tapping at their computers. It's been a productive day/week/month.
I've discovered several new talents: quiz-making, pronunciation guru, American-english expert,
all-around web goddess, and queen of cute graphics.
And office life continues to be full of lovely little surprises.
Like the CEO secretly leaving chocolate on our desks (with a cryptic picture note)
and then denying he had anything to do w/it.
As a means of distracting myself from other things, I'm indulging in a little cross-department flirting.
My heart's not really in it, but it's amusing to pretend to feel fluttery when we make eye-contact over the sea of desks.
He is one of those people who is good on paper, but in reality there is no zing.
But week is the start of Golden Week, a short little holiday,
and I'll be having a relaxing time avec ma mere who is flying in next Wednesday.
Tomorrow is movie night with little A (we are seeing Lost in Translation), who I am on
speaking terms with again.
Then I have a cartload of posters to draw for J's farewell party,
and then my weekend will be gone without any time for it to register.
Clearly I should not still be here at 8:30 on a Friday night so I will bugger off now.


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