Musical Interlude Tuesday : Year End Edition

For today, a very special edition of Musical Interlude Tuesday, in which I present my top 5 songs of the year. To clarify, these are not necessarily songs that came out in 2009, but just the ones that were in heaviest rotation on my iTunes. Without further ado:

5. I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas
This was playing on the radio every single time we got in the rental car while in Hawaii, so it makes me think of palm trees and surfers and sunblock lotion and sand in my toes and freedom and hanging out with some great girls.

4. Not Big by Lily Allen
Best break-up song ever. Lily is like my eloquently crass and doll-faced alter-ego; the girl who voices (loudly) the thoughts I'm far too polite (read: scared) to say.

3. Every Single Song (especially this one, and this one) by the Glee Cast
I know, you're shocked. I only talk about Glee almost every other week.

2. Daisy Cutter by 311
To me, 311 embodies the quintessential SoCal sound of my youth (like early No Doubt), and it was perfect timing that I discovered their Uplifter album just before my trip to Huntington Beach. It sounds like bright sunlight and skateboards and sushi rolls and tattoos and New Age philosophy and falling in love.

1. Stay Crunchy by Ronald Jenkees
Boyfriend can jam.


Steffi said...


(youtube telling me "this video is not available in your country" drives me nuts! Pah! I'll just watch other videos of the same song then!)

I love the idea of a crass, outspoken alter ego. What would you say?

Lots of love ♥

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