~ Things That Were Good in 2009 ~

The idea for this list comes via yes and yes, and I think Sarah is right that it is all too easy to dwell on all the things that didn't happen during the year, when really, we should be giving ourselves a little more credit and feeling just a bit more gratitude for the good that came our way.
So with a heart full of appreciation, I'd like to thank 2009 for:

  • The opportunity to showcase my jewelry in Japan
  • Finally getting my cousins to make the cross-country trek for a visit here
  • Receiving so many hits in one day (over 11,000) in my 1000 Markets shop that the stat counter BROKE and the CEO himself emailed me to find out what was going on
  • A chance to Unravel and all the gorgeous, soulful, delightful, supportive friends I met through the course (those are only a few examples)
  • The loan of a great Nikon camera from a very generous fellow photo-lover
  • An invitation to a Hawaiian vacation with my favorite travelling companion
  • Stand-up paddle-boarding for the first time
  • An extended stay at the Cutest House in all of Orange County and super-fun-happy-times w/my cuzins and their fabulous friends
  • The woodsy goodness of Paradise, CA and Lake Tahoe
  • My aunt taking me parasailing for the first time
  • The establishment of the K+L Monthly Art Exchange program
  • Packages full of goodies from overseas
  • My first ever down duvet, after years of pining for one
  • A year's worth of mail from my BFF that made me smile and laugh and always feel comforted


Corinna said...

LOVING this list. Stand-up paddle-boarding and parasailing adventures, inspiring travel, your gorgeous jewelry, unravelling with new friends, and photos! Grabbing my pen and journal...Happy New Year! Much love and inspiration for 2010 x

Steffi said...

Love! ♥

lily green said...

Thanks Corinna and Steffi! You were both a big part of what made 2009 rock! Can't wait to see what we all get up to in 2010 :) xoxoxo

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