Temporarily Indisposed

For reasons that you can easily guess from the NaNoWriMo logo on the right, Lilie will not be blogging this month. She is in full writing/panic mode, which feels like a part-time job for me, Benjamin, her French boyfriend.

So, as the supporting companion that I am, I will write post on her blog in order to inform you, her fond reader, about ebb and flow of her writing inspiration. As she is pointing out right now, my english is a bit off but I have no claim of being a writer so I do not care that much (and I secretly hope that it will come off as charming).

I have all my gear ready:
  • The fridge is stocked with french soft cheese and fluffy yogurt.
  • The coffee jar has been filled to last until next year's the end of the world.
  • The emergency swiss chocolate and fresh pastry are close at hand.
Like an adventurer going into a mysterious jungle of a lost continent, I am to step in the wild world of Lilie's month of writing. I have no doubt I will not get out of it unscarred but I am persuaded the treasure will be worth the risk.

You will hear from me in a few days ... I hope ...

-- Benjamin


LitLover said...

How exciting! What's her username? I'm readying myself for nanowrimo as well and I'd love to be her writing buddy.

Anonymous said...
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Yoshi said...

Hi! Her username is Lilie Green, please do friend her, she needs as much peer pressure as possible.

-- Benjamin

Corey Wright said...

This is the best ever.

Amanda said...

Hello Lilie ? Lilie's boyfriend? This is to let her know that she (you?) won the giveaway for a mexican hot chocolate molinillo:


So I will need your postal address to mail it ASAP. Will contact you by email, hope it will work.

Inês Seabra said...

Hi Benjamin!
It's nice to have you here! Well, I'm sure you're french accent is charming, as to your writing I will just say that it makes me smile and be sure Lilie is in good hands. :)
Please send her our love from Portugal, and keep bring news, or just your thoughts.

Nice to meet the other half.
** Inês

Lost In Cheeseland said...

Ah, le pain quotidien :) photos sublimes!

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