Hopeful Beginning

Lilie has started NaNoWriMo for good and is already in advance of a few hundred words on her 1,600 word/day schedule. I have now witnessed the pain and suffering of the writer. Giving birth to a child is surely hard and painful but at least it only lasts a few days before a few hours of suffering. Giving birth to a novel seems to be quite terrible with a mental stress that can last weeks if not years, when each and every word is painstakingly extracted from the unwilling muse and beaten down on a white page.

But so far, so good, my Lilie is writing following her outline and inspiration seems to be somewhat flowing. I have discover some key motivational items to "help" her write her daily quota of 1,667 words:
  • The Daily Quota is the Golden Rule! it must be met, no excuse, no choice, no sleep...
  • Cheer for each small Victory! every word count, so congratulate yourself every time you write a few hundred words.
  • A Little Something goes a Long Way! treat yourself at the end of each day that you have met your quota (which is everyday of course): a piece of cake, your favorite TV show, whatever rock your boat. Better even, if you have a better half have him/her treat you.
  •  Death to the Unbelievers! whatever happen you have to believe it is possible, your text might not be Shakespeare but you will have a month to refine it, so keep going because there is no editing wihtout a first draft.
  • Breaks are Good, Resting is Not! you can take break every few paragraph for sure, stretch your legs, but do not relax too much: no sleeping on the job, and no Twittering either!
  •  Keep Watch, Stay Focused! do not let your guard down and do not hesitate to scold yourself if you go astray, and if you don't have the self-discipline find somebody to do it for you.
Voila! my day job is managerial as I am sure is pretty apparent, but it is working for us so far, I hope it willl be helpful to you too.

-- Benjamin


Sara said...

Oh my gosh, every word of this is so true! ESPECIALLY the daily word count. I find if I get behind it gets too overwhelming!

Both Tom (my husband) and I are writing NaNo this year, and so far it's worked out that if I've been slacking, just him writing makes me realize I need to be doing it too (and vice versa)!!

Amanda said...

That to do list is the best ! Can I come ?
No seriously, here is some motivation for Lilie, though, Benjamin, I think you are doing quite well on your motivation / management role! Yes to the treats and to cheering for small victories. Hope Lilie is enjoying the process :)

Georgianna said...

Love your posts, Benjamin! Wonderful advice and all the best to your resident writer on this adventure! – g

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