love list friday: 12.16.11

Gosh, it's been a while since the last Love List -- things have been particularly up&down the past few days, and we are in serious need for some sparkle-appreciation around here.
So without further ado, bringing cheer this week:
  • the world's best care package in the history of the postal service
  • related: star-shaped mocha brownies
  • the company holiday party, which was held at a swanky nightclub next to the Arc de Triumph and included champagne, a fruit-tarts-and-macarons-and-chocolate-fountain dessert buffet, and someone dressed up as a storm trooper (geek chic)
  • related: an excuse to wear my new be-sequined skirt
  • finally assembling our Christmas cards -- it was a 5-step process getting them ready, but they turned out pretty cute so it was worth the hassle and the dusting of glitter that's now coating everything in the apartment
  • plans to visit some Christmas markets this weekend for some mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, and more ornaments for the tree
  • I see snowflakes on the weather forecast for next week!!!
Merry weekend to all of you; stay cozy!


Mario Cordero said...

Hi Liz,

I stumbled onto your blog and I'm happy see that you are doing well. You had a very positive on my life and I hope you continue to inspire others.

Mario Cordero

Lilie said...

Merci -- it's very kind of you to say so!
Best wishes!

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